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Two New Stations

Posted on 28 August, 2017 at 21:00

Going LIVE from the 1st September 2017

2 New Radio Stations


"SmootherJazzRadio" is experimental

but RVRadio is a full functioning station aimed mainly at RV'ers and those full or part-time on and over the road.

RVRadio will have useful tips and tricks from experienced RV'ers plus helpful products for Newbies to 'Old timers in the sector, as recommended by our membership.

We hope to link into the many "professional" members out there, as well as bringing you the very best in cool, smooth music, bith from our own libraries and directfrom our request feature. Our player ~ available on the page does not require any downloads and should be available on iTunes, iHeart and TuneIn for vehicle and mobile listening.

DrGlyn  :):)8)

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