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To DrGlyn Reece & the dedicated listeners of TheMoth FM, thank you for your awesome support for my tunes! I am grateful that you've kept my music on the Top Ten Charts for nearly a year. Thank you for listening and voting for your favorite artists' songs on TheMoth Top Ten Charts! ~ Cecil Rameriz

One Off Donantions - Every Little Helps!


This is just getting a little nutty.

A year ago today I was in Seattle with Greg Adams and Andrea Adams at Stephen Sherrard's DBAR Productions & MusicTECH mixing the CD. This was, from the beginning, a vanity project. I just wanted to see what I could do working with the likes of East Bay Soul and, hopefully, not embarrass myself. At DBar Andrea said, "This is radio. You could get this on radio." I was pleased but pensive.

Earlier this year "Dis 'Sup" made it on multiple charts, even making it to 36 on Billboard and amazingly hitting #1 for 17 weeks at The Moth FM, the UK station hosted by DrGlyn Reece. The folks at SmoothGrooves hosted by Richard Edwards were steady supporters. I interviewed with Kim Linzy at the UNLV jazz station.

In February we did a CD release concert with Q At Spaghettini... Thank you. Bucket list item #74... check.

In June Jason Gorov identified Thunder and Lightning as the second single... holy whatever... I was (like) freaked out that there was one single. Now let's do two. Really? Me?

This week - another face-palm moment. Dis 'Sup sneaks BACK onto the bottom of the charts. Now - I know that by many standards having a song at #96 on the Internet chart (Radiowave) is no great shakes; however, "Thunder" is still hanging in there after 10 weeks.

So... here we are. Two songs on the national charts at the same time. A one-time now-retired rock-star-wannabe who teaches accounting. I. Am. Dumbfounded.

Carr MacCormick   Just found you today  on a link from a Youtube video.  I am from the US but I live in Quito Ecuador. Your music selection is great, thanks very much for whoever your music director is- LOL I am an old broadcast type and we used to have  music directors at radio stations before the daysof internet radio. ~  Kirk Fischer

Patrick Yandall Thank you DrGlyn Reece. I am so honored! Making my hip pain disappear ❤️🎸❤️🎸

Darryl Fitzgerald Walker Congratulations to my collaborative partner Keith Andrew, for securing the #1 Spot with his single "Every Day!"

Keith Silverman Thanks so much Glyn! You are the best!

Terry Wollman Thanks DrGlyn Reece and all of you fine folks that listen to TheMoth..Fm!

Rob Tardik Great group of artists I am honoured to be a part of. Thanks for all your support and friendship Dr.Glyn!

Michele Missy Johnson Yay! My cousin, Cecil, is moving on up like George Jefferson. 😊👍

Eric Evans A shout out and congratulations to every artist in this weeks TOP 20 !! Again many thanks to you DrGlyn and phenomenal fans of The Moth FM !! I too am honored to be apart of such an incredible group of artists!