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If there is one thing that enhances great music then it’s a great back-story to support it and that’s what we have with the CD ‘Friends’ from Austin, Texas based keyboard player Kirk Fischer.   When Kirk sent one of his compositions to legendary arranger and trumpeter Greg Adams for his comments he could not have imagined that the result would be a ten-song collection thAAAAAat blends interesting covers with outstanding new music. Not only that, with luscious string arrangements, the brass driven power of Greg’s all conquering East Bay Soul and Adams’ sublime production, ‘Friends’ has instantly emerged as one of the surprise contemporary jazz packages of 2017. 
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Geith's music has been heard extensively on hundreds of radio stations worldwide, also on the "Weather Channel", "Music Choice" cable, satellite radio, and on a number of different national TV shows including VH1 - Behind The Music, Inside Fame, PBS - Hometime, Discovery Health - Berman & Berman For Women Only, Speed Channel - Autoline Detroit, My Classic Car, Animal Planet - That's My Baby, Super Station - Famous Homes & Hideaways.

Some of his music licensing deals have been with "Universal Music" in the USA and "Top2 Music" in Singapore.
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Mattias Roos, 

who we were fortunate last year to feature on The Moth FM with is own sefment. is back for another blast of stardom, this time with U-Nam as guest artiste and producer, just to help things along.

I have put the Amazon links here too, should you  wish to buy the album, and I do hope that you do, I'm satisfied with this his first album under management, and I know you will be too, I present therefore, Matytias Roos and "Movin' Up"



Thank you for your support! ~ Danny Kuzs

Danny Kusz is an explosive and energetic Minneapolis based saxophonist blending Jazz, Soul, Blues and Rock N’ Roll. It’s an intense, one-of-a-kind sound which pushes the boundaries of Contemporary Jazz. Influenced by local Pop-Rocker Prince and legendary saxophonist David Sanborn, Danny delivers a bold, innovative look and big sound which has caught the attention of the world. His stage presence is explosive and his energy is unmatched which has placed him on stage with some of the biggest names and top venues in jazz. His latest release Eruption topped the jazz charts and has had global airplay.

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Frank Piombo ~ His mother searched high and low. In every corner of the house, under the beds, she would search for her young son. Then hearing a sound from the closet, she’d open it up to find three-year-old Frankie strumming on his late grandfather’s acoustic guitar. Yes, at just three years of age, Frank Piombo knew that music would play an important role in his life.

Born and raised in Libya, Tripoli, to Italians parents, it’s no wonder that music was a constant in Frank’s life. At the tender age of six, Frank’s family would move to Rome (his mother’s birthplace), where he was inspired by the sounds of his father’s music. An avid accordion player, Frank was moved by the romantic tunes produced by his father, and their effects can be heard in Frank’s music even today.

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The Sounds of Unity. Men chasing after God's own heart! Rev. Michael Harris, Pastor Rodger Hunt, Bro's Bernie and Bernard Wells.

Thanks be to God, what an honor! Thank you DrGlyn Reece, Moth.Fm, Terry and Nkenge. Thank everyone who prayed with us and for us! Gratefulness is flowing from our hearts... 

#AdamsSong #Everybreath #toGodbetheGlory



Wakana,  Japanese Saxophonist, her second single release "Sakura-nostalgic"  roughly translates to  "missing the falling cherry blossom" relating to her being home-sick during her globe trotting tour.



Amsterdam Connection is formed by the passionate and qualified musicians Tim 'Harmony' Welvaars and Naomi 'Smile' Adriaansz, rooted in beautiful Amsterdam (NL). Spreading harmony and love through music, is their mission. In a unique way... Naomi and Tim have created a unique sound: the remarkable fusion of the dark tenor sax and the joyful harmonica. Their trade mark!
Amsterdam Connection plays a diverse repertoire of happy jazz, danceable swing, soulful smooth jazz, groovy funk, 'sultry' bossa and swinging rock 'n roll music.

Amsterdam's Connection's latest collaboration is the album Isn't She Lovely, a tribute to Stevie Wonder consisting of remakes of some of Stevie's most well known songs. Album produced by hit maker Paul Brown. 
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John Fraser and his band Coldjack ended 2015 on a high note - at the top of the charts. 

The band’s single Troubled Man rose to the top slot of R&B/smooth jazz/pop charts in Canada, the U.S. and U.K. prior to Christmas.

“Our success now is just going crazy - number one in the U.K. for nine weeks (at the) second biggest smooth jazz and R&B pop radio station,” said Fraser, who wants his success to encourage struggling local musicians that it can be done. “I hope it will encourage local musicians to keep going - I just want to support the community and the arts and say anybody can do it with a bit of faith, hard work and belief.”

The Latest Offering "Womans World"  A Unique blend of serios smooth and modern pop  music gives it a catchy and memorable tune, buy it with this link

A Smooth Jazz Piano player and a resident pianist in Las Vegas,  has this stunning new CD available. "Mattices" a perfect blend of Latin meets Smoother Jazz.
A refreshing, young look into the art of combining traditional "Jobim" style latin experiences with the smoother side of laid back jazz..
One for the car, slip it on when stuck in the traffic, let his art soothe you through the home-time madness - I'm sure he will soon become one of your favourites.

ARTIST:  Jay Rowe

SINGLE:  A Night with You

ALBUM:  Smooth Ride

Hi, I am Jay Rowe and welcome to my Buy link on TheMothFM website.

 My new cd Smooth Ride is finally finished !!  The track launched on TheMothFM today [17th May 2017] is my latest single off the CD,  "A Night With You" follows the success of my 1st single "Smooth Ride" - the title track of the album that spent 20 weeks in TheMothFM Smooth Jazz Charts!    This is my sixth cd and features Marion Meadows, Marc Antoine, Vincent Ingala, Rohn Lawrence, Jay Gore , Andy Abel, Dave Anderson, Trever Somerville, Dave Livolsi, Bill Holloman, Steve Scales and Ellie Nolan and Rachael Polansky.  

Cds can be purchased by  Clicking on the Button below

I am looking forward to the rest of the shows and events I will be playing this year, see my website for details!!

Brand new out 22 May 2017, 

TheMothFM - First play in Europe

This energetic flautist brings the smooth jazz genre screaming up to date with this poppy, but laid back tune, 

I know you'll like it

~ DrG

Paolo Rustichelli is an Italian-American pianist, composer, and producer, and the son of Oscar nominee Carlo Rustichelli. His music is eclectic but generally belongs in the genres smooth jazz, jazz rock, and progressive rock.

Pioneering the use of the monophonic synthesizers like the ARP 2600 and Minimoog, Hammond Novachord, Hammond C3 organ, and the Mellotron, Paolo Rustichelli composed and produced various movie soundtracks and a progressive rock album, Opera Prima (RCA 1973). 

Among many scores, made completely with synths, are included Top Box Office European movies like Amici Miei atto III and Testa o Croce.

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